Oxford Shoulder Score

Which shoulder is causing you pain or discomfort? (select one of the following options)

Please answer the following 12 multiple choice questions to help us score your shoulder pain. Please select one response for every question*Please note that your details and the following information will be shared with Mr Matthew Barrett only.

During the past 4 weeks...

1. How would you describe the WORST pain you had from your shoulder?
2. Have you had any trouble dressing yourself because of your shoulder?
3. Have you had any trouble getting in and out of a car or using public transport because of your shoulder? (whichever you tend to use)
4. Have you been able to use a knife and fork - at the same time?
5. Could you do the household shopping on your own?
6. Could you carry a tray containing a plate of food across a room?
7. Could you brush/comb your hair with the affected arm?
8. How would you describe the pain you usually have from your shoulder?
9. Could you hang your clothes up in a wardrobe, using the affected arm? (whichever you tend to use)
10. Have you been able to wash and dry yourself under both arms?
11. How much has pain from your shoulder interfered with your usual work (including housework)?
12. Have you been troubled by pain from your shoulder in bed at night?

Thank you! Your answers have been submitted to Mr Barrett who will be in touch with your results shortly.

​Reproduced electronically with the permission of Oxford University Innovation ltd. 


Reference for Score: Dawson J, Fitzpatrick R, Carr A. Questionnaire on the perceptions of patients about shoulder surgery. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1996 Jul;78(4):593-600. 

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